Well Begun is Completely Done!

As a HR Advisor, would you like to understand better how to make Employee Experience meaningful within your organization? And understand what you are doing right and which steps will be required to grow Employee Experience? Would you like to get started directly with a specific list of actions?

Play The Employee Experience Game with your team, then make a road map together. The road map will detail all the actions you would like to carry out in the coming six months to grow employee experience. The workshop takes one day after which you can get started directly.

This workshop is ideal for HR teams, and can be supplemented with members from the management team.

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    Core Values of the Organisation
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    Employee Journey
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    Employee Engagement

Following completion of the Game, you will have a better understanding of what Employee Experience means for your company, you will have exchanged knowledge, you are inspired and will have specific ideas to take the next step to, for example:

  • Grow the employee experience
  • Attract the right employees
  • Get employees to thrive and to retain them longer
  • Refine the HR policies

In addition, you will be stronger as a team, because you will have learned about each team member’s knowledge, experience and forte. Plus, what’s very important: you will have had lots of fun!

Get Ready & Get Started with Employee Experience

We would like you to get started directly the day after the Game. This means that we will have to assess the course of the day carefully and tailor this to suit your company, team and desired outcome. An example of how this normally works:

  • During the intake, we will get to know the organization and your challenges. We will discuss the cause and the result you would like to see following completion.
  • We will make a suitable selection of questions to ensure the game is tailored towards your company and to the reason why you want to play the Game.
  • We will put together a workshop to make and design the road map. The road map is practical and specific: our goal is to make a specific plan which you can get started with the day after the workshop.
  • During the day, we will play the EX Game in the morning and after having lunch together we will make the road map. We will brainstorm, choose and prioritize. We will define the road map, including planning, owners and requirements.
  • After two weeks, we will have a planned reflective meeting over the phone: how do you look back on the workshop? Which actions have you started and which (if any) challenges are you facing? We will give you an extra push to continue successfully.

The cost for this (online) full-day program is €4,000 for a team of 6 to 12 participants, guidance from one specialist, including personal intake and reflective meeting over the phone. This cost excludes VAT and cost for location and catering. Do you have a team with more than 12 people? We will discuss the possibilities with you.

The Employee Experience Game is the result of a cooperation between Nienke Bloem and Babs Asselbergs, owners of BlommaBerg – The Game Company. For more information about the game, please contact us via one of the options below, or fill out the contact form.

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