The Employee Experience Game brings LIFE to your employee focus!
  • How do you provide an optimal employee experience, from introduction to departure?
  • How do you provide the desired culture and associated behavior?
  • How could your employees become proud ambassadors?
    Are you looking for a great (online) workshop in the field of Employee Experience? Play this fabulous Employee Experience Game with your colleagues!

What Is The Employee Experience Game?

Do you recognize the following?

  1. Our organization is growing. How do we attract the right people?
  2. How can we ensure our employees stay with our organization longer?
  3. Employee Experience may be the theme in the organization, but what exactly does it mean to us?
  4. We are looking for a great way to really get started with the results of our employee engagement research.
  5. We would like to involve our employees in shaping our new HR strategy, but how?
  6. We have a new HR strategy: How could we teach our managers to practically implements this in a nice way?
  7. We would like to inspire employees when we talk about our employee policies.
  8. We are looking for a cool workshop for a team building day that focuses on Employee Experience.

Time to play The Employee Experience Game!

What Is The Employee Experience Game?

The Employee Experience Game is an (online) board game which makes HR teams and managers experience in a really nice way how they can get their employees to thrive. In that way, employees can be successful themselves and more specifically contribute to the success of the organization.

Experienced facilitators guide the organization in bringing Employee Experience to life. Because of the limited time within which questions have to be answered and assignments completed, you will give your employees a voice in the organization, and you will prepare to take action. You will get to know each other and learn from each other’s experiences, you will know what is going well and what is required to provide that optimal employee experience together: from attracting the right employees to retaining employees and, eventually, an empathetic departure. Above all: you will have lots of fun together!

This is the ONLY management Game that is all about YOUR employees, and which offers a follow-up! So it is not just a nice afternoon; you will also apply the acquired theory to daily practice.

Versions Of The Employee Experience Game

Would you like to know what Employee Experience could mean for your organization? Do you want to explore the theme and get some inspiration? Play the Employee Experience Game during your (online) team meeting or team building day. The game is played by different competing teams. The teams answer questions and complete assignments; one team is the winner. This will deliver insights, inspiration and ideas that can be used to press ahead on the topic of Employee Experience. In addition, this game is FUN TO PLAY!

The EX Game has been developed for HR teams and management. It takes 2 hours to complete the game, but it is finished before you even realize. During the preparation, we let you explain which challenges you are facing, and the goal and desired result of your meeting. We will tailor the questions and assignments for the Employee Experience Game, to ensure the Game is really about your company and situation. The EX Game can also be played online.

It all starts with awareness: what does Employee Experience mean to our organization? What are we doing right and which steps do we need to take to grow the employee experience? How do we attract and retain the right employees? Then the next question: how do we practically realize this as HR Team?

This (online) workshop takes two half-days. We will play the Employee Experience Game with the HR team to increase their awareness about employee experience. We will then make a road map together for the coming six months: what is required to grow the employee experience? During the preparation, we will of course study your company’s situation, the specific challenges and the desired outcome. We will tailor the questions and assignments, to ensure the Game meets your company’s needs and the participants will feel they can connect to the topic.

Would you like to bring life to your organization’s employee engagement? Looking for a great conversation with your employees and get to know them better? Are you looking for input from employees for your HR policies?

Learn to play the Employee Experience Game yourself! The Game will become an (online) tool in the change toolkit of your company.

We will start out to explore the company’s situation, targets and challenges. We always tailor the (online) EX Game Program to your needs and will train a number of colleagues to become EX Game facilitators. Then you will play the EX Game yourselves with employees and managers. During a joint session, we will share all insights, you will learn from each other and we will set out a road map for the coming year.

Do you already have an HR strategy? Play the EX Game with your managers and teach them in a playful manner to practically realize this new policy.

Impressions Of The Employee Experience Game

Employee Experience Game The Battle

  • Heb je tijd tekort?
  • Wil je samen met jouw teamleden nog meer leren over Employee Experience?
  • Wil je lol hebben?
  • Wil je van andere organisaties leren EN netwerken?

Dan is The Customer Experience Game The Battle echt wat voor jou. In een ochtend of middag ga je de strijd aan met 3 andere teams die uit hetzelfde hout gesneden zijn. Om te leren over Customer Experience en die inzichten om te zetten in actie.

We organiseren deze Battles voor:

Er zijn maar 4 plekken per ochtend of middag, dus schrijf je snel in! Dan zien we je in Maart in Utrecht.

Players About The Employee Experience Game


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The Employee Experience Game is the result of a cooperation between Nienke Bloem and Babs Asselbergs, owners of BlommaBerg – The Game Company. For more information about the game, please contact us via one of the options below, or fill out the contact form.

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The Customer Experience Game!

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