Engage The Employee Experience Game As Tool For New HR Policies!

The EX Game is a perfect tool that can be engaged:

  • To gather input for your HR policies
  • To get to know employees better and in a different way
  • To realize a new HR strategy together with your management
  • In a project of (cultural) change with a strong focus on the employee
  • To roll out a new HR strategy, which will be brought to life instantly
  • To support the implementation of new HR policies
  • To really get started with the results of our employee engagement research

We will train a number of employees to become facilitators. In this way, the EX Game can be played in-house. This means you will hold the tools for change in your own hands and are no longer depending on us. We will prepare a tailored program with associated questions and assignments based on a specified goal, the desired result and the size of the organization.


Bring Life to Employee Focus within Your Organization

The Employee Experience Game is a board game which helps HR teams grow their employee experience awareness. Are you going to play the EX game with employees? You will get to know them better in a different way, and you will get to know their opinions, insights and ideas.

Teams answer questions and complete assignments within a limited amount of time. An experienced facilitator provides guidance during the game by explaining the rules and asking questions. The facilitator fulfills the role of timekeeper, jury and inspirer.

The tailored questions and assignments include the following three important Employee Experience themes:

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    Core Values of the Organisation
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    Employee Journey
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    Employee Engagement

Follow These Steps and You've Got Your Own Change Tool

How does it work? Below is an example of what the training for a facilitator and your own change tool might look like.

  1. We will start with an online intake. We will discuss the goal, the result that you would like to achieve and the key characteristics of internal Facilitators. This session will be chaired by an experienced professional who has extensive experience in EX issues, change processes and the EX Game itself..
  2. Following the intake we will prepare a specific program. This means we will create a set of questions and assignments which suits your organization, employees and goal. We will assist where needed in recruiting and inviting the internal Facilitators
  3. During the training day you play the EX Game under the guidance of EX Game specialists. The intended facilitators are participants themselves. We then continue to work together on an appropriate set of questions and assignments. After lunch we further explain how the game is played and the facilitators practice with each other.
  4. During the training, the internal facilitators receive their Toolkit: the agreed number of game boards including pawns, dice and a manual.
  5. The trained facilitators start playing the game themselves. After their first EX Game, we plan an intervention call to discuss the experience and improve on the feedback we receive.

The costs of the program depend on the number of internal facilitators to be trained and the scope of the change. The training of 4 facilitators, the necessary material for both the physical and online game and a customised EX Game program amounts to €11,500 excluding VAT, location and catering costs. The validity of this license is 2 years.

The Employee Experience Game is the result of a cooperation between Nienke Bloem and Babs Asselbergs, owners of BlommaBerg – The Game Company. For more information about the game, please contact us via one of the options below, or fill out the contact form.

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